The Importance Of Propaganda

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Many individuals involved in the political world require some form of propaganda to gain more followers, advance in their career, and to bring attention to the issues that they find significant. Politicians are not the only ones who use propaganda. Propaganda has been used for many years and for many different purposes. Franklin Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler were extremely good at creating propaganda to benefit themselves, while much of the United States contributed to the creation of racial propaganda. Propaganda is significant for populations and political leaders, because it is a way to pull people into something, good or bad, and make them feel like they are a part of something bigger. Franklin D. Roosevelt was well known for his fireside chats. Before Roosevelt did any fireside chats, he did a few speeches that were aired on the radio. Franklin gave a speech on April 7, 1932 that drew many people in from all around the United States. In Roosevelts speech he started by saying, “Good evening Friends” (FDR Library, Listeners all over the country felt as if FDR was talking directly to them. Roosevelt talked in a slow manner and used common words, because it made him more relatable to the listeners. Roosevelt used his relatability to discuss his plans and what he called an “Emergency”. The emergency that FDR wanted to bring to attention was the failing economy. Other politicians at the time were focused on aiding
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