The Importance Of Proper Sexual Education On Sex

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Kaislyn Lyons
Mr. Ray
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20 November 2015
The Importance of Proper Sexual Education
In life, high school especially, sexual education is very important and can truly impact a person’s life. Improper education on sex can lead to many life-changing mistakes. These blunders can be avoided with proper knowledge. Although students should be encouraged to remain abstinent, they should still be taught about contraception and practicing safe sex. With proper sexual education, abstinence rates will increase and the numbers of teenage parents will decrease.
In today’s society, sex is everywhere. It is on TV, in music, in novels, magazines, and even hidden. As a teenager, peer pressure also has a very strong presence. Kids are encouraged by their peers to look a certain way, act a certain way, belief certain things, and change themselves to fit in with the “norm”. Whenever they do not meet the standards of society they are teased for being different. This negativity increases when it comes to the topics of sex. Just because an individual has chosen to abstain for sexual activity, they are dubbed an outcast. Their beliefs and strong morals come back to bite them in the presence of their peers. Premarital sex is often glamorized. Teens are shown that engaging in sex is “cool” despite the risks. This obscure view is due to a lack of information and proper education. Many schools often shy away from the subject of sex. Parents also shut out the topic. This leaves teens to look…

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