The Importance Of Property Tax In America

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Your Property May be Worth More Than you Think The American suburban neighborhoods; a symbol of true social euphoria. Well off suburbs with adequate parks, consistently maintained streets, and up to par public facilities. Yet most important, residents who generally share the same tax bracket, whose funds support everything from streets, facilities, and the public schools around them. Furthermore, well off neighborhoods, contribute a larger amount of funds to their local public schools through their local property taxes than public schools of the less advantaged. It was this structure of localized funding that purported economic discrimination. As pointed out by John Yinger in the text, Helping Children Left Behind; “ The Supreme Court…show more content…
Allowing this to become a nationwide issue of social justice, which is taking place in the education financial system.
However, there are too many discrepancies being ignored by the general public on the nature of local property taxes and their role in public education. Therefore, using local funds to support local schools of each designated district, allows for educational discrimination. Thus, it would seem utmost important to the future of public education, in relation to funding, to end local taxing that goes into the funding of school. Instead, public school funding should derive from the federal income tax funds, to ensure every student who attends public education institutions to receive the same amount of funds which are to be invested in their academic career. An idea also shared with Brian Wilson, author of the article,”Raising Taxes for Education Is Not the Answer,” as Wilson states; “ When money is short, leaders must raise taxes or create new ones to make up for what they perceive as lost revenue. However, government should always resist the creation of a new tax unless it replaces one that has been abolished”(Wilson,p.11). It simply would not seem fair to increase federal tax for all just to help fund public schooling, considering that is the general purpose for local property tax. That is why, it would seem most indispensable to remove local property taxes. The majority of these funds go to maintaining and or upgrading public facilities, as
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