The Importance Of Public Relations And Communication

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The landscape of education has changed tremendously over the past several decades. Gone are the days when students attended the public school in their community with the occasional student attending a parochial school. In today’s society there is competition among many different educational options for students. In addition to public schools there are parochial, charter, private, home schooling, and school choice options all vying for the same students. The scope of school public relations must also adapt to meet changing needs as the parents we service transition from Generation X to Millennials (Raines, 2002). Millennials are the first generation to grow up in a digital environment which changes the way they receive information and…show more content…
Public relation needs in parochial and private schools are different than those of public schools. All Saints is a parochial school and in order to better understand their public relations and communication plan fundamental information about the school is included in this paper. Located in suburban Northern Palm Beach County, All Saints Catholic School is an inter-parish school supported by six local parishes. The current enrollment is 462 students, grades Pre-K through eighth. The majority of the students (397) are white, 25 are of two or more races, six are Asian, and one is of unknown race. All Saints is a Catholic school and 33 of the 35 teachers are active members of the Catholic faith. Of the 35 teachers on staff 94% are white, non-Hispanic while the remaining 6% are Hispanic. All teachers have bachelor’s degrees and are teaching in their area of certification. This makes them all highly qualified. The surrounding neighborhoods of the school are affluent and upper middle class. The tuition rate limits the demographic of families enrolled. Due to the financial investment of parents in the school and their children, they are highly involved in all aspects of their children’s education. Students walk to school or arrive by private transportation. At All Saints Catholic School the majority of public relations and communications are internal. These internal
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