The Importance Of Public Schools And Private Schools

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Every country in the world has its own education system that makes it distinct from other countries, Vietnam and America are not exceptions. Vietnam and America are two unique countries that both share some similarities as well as differences in regard to the education system. Because of their differences in culture and language, each of them has their own ways of operating their education systems. Some remarkable differences include the division of school structure’s, the characteristics of public schools and private schools, as well as the influence of culture differences on teaching styles.
In both countries, students have to go through primary and secondary school for a total of twelve years, beginning at the first grade in elementary school level. This can be considered as basic education. All children reaching the age of six begin first grade in primary school, which is also called elementary school. However, the way that America and Vietnam divide twelve stages of basic education is different. In America, elementary school starts from first grade to sixth grades, middle school starts from seventh grade to eighth grade, and high school is the last four grades that students have to complete in order to pursue higher education. Nevertheless, the first five grades are elementary school level, middle school is the next four years from grade six to grade nine, and high school only consists of tenth, eleventh, and twelve grade. How children are taught in elementary school in…

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