The Importance Of Purpose In The Invisible Man

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For a human to discover a purpose in life, it requires them to open their mind to a variety of ideologies such as discovering themselves and knowing who they are, doing something they love and making a difference in someone’s life or society overall. They will face several obstacles on the journey of self-enlightenment. Man who is in search of a purpose, has no peace of mind. After achieving objectives, a human will remain dissatisfied and believes that he has no purpose at all in life. In The Stranger, The Invisible Man and 2081, we see characters trying to find their purpose in life as well as their identity. Therefore, their search for their identity and purpose never ends.
A man needs to discover themselves and who they are to truly find purpose in life. “I could no more escape than I could think of my identity. Perhaps, I thought the two things are involved with one another. When I discover who I am, I’ll be free” (Ellison 103). Ellison’s character becomes invisible to many people because he takes several different roles throughout the book. It results in him changing constantly to fit in with different stereotypes that are set for him and how a black person should be in the society. He loses himself while trying to fit in the society. He knows by giving up his own ideas and giving into others has changed him as a person. For Dr. Bledsoe, refused to view the narrator as anything but a black man and turning on his blind eye. Invisibility due to the blindness of the
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