The Importance Of Pursuing A Career In Law Enforcement

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Every since my Freshmen year of high school, I have been pursuing an interest in a career in law enforce, and I believe this program would be greatly beneficial towards my pursuit in this career field.Throughout this paper I will tell you about my goal for both my professional and personal life, what I am hoping to accomplish during my time with the program and to give back, and what makes me different from the other applicants of the program. I know that to be in the field of law enforcement, you are held to high standards then what the general public is, and I believe that is what makes an extraordinary officer. I have always held myself to a higher standard like that, and have made goals during my years in high school held to that standard, that has been, and will benefit from my professional and personal life, some of those goals are to graduate high school with a 3.5 grade point average, graduate college with a major in criminal justice, and to receive a profession in law enforcement through the Federal Bureau of Investigation as an agent, or the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission as a wildlife officer. …show more content…

will help reinforce the education in law enforcement I have already obtained through the criminal justice classes of the W.A.T.C. program (Western Arkansas Technical Center), to build on that knowledge of law, law enforcement, and are constitutional rights as United State citizens, and to see if the F.B.I would be a good career path for me in the future. To give back to the program I hope to set an example for future applicants, and to blaze a trail through the rigorous process of hard work, dedication, and patience for future students from my high school, who want to obtain a spot in this

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