The Importance Of Qualitative And Quantitative Data

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Research tries to discover new evidence to identify facts to study and reach new results. Research plays a major role in the society and it engages in discoveries, intelligence, and data collection. It works to find out and understand how things behave and operate. (Allan, H. 1964) In Health and Social Care research is essential because it allows new discoveries to be made and allows complicated problems to be solved to help improve and better the setting.
A wide variety of different methods are used to acquire information or data. Some of these data can be classified into Quantitative and Qualitative data.
Quantitative data refers to the compilation of information statistically. Normally, these data are collected numerically and are generally tested and verified with social surveys, case studies and experiments, unlike interpretivists, positivists have a preference to use quantitative data. August Comte, the founder of positivists, described positivism as a sociology of science and discovered true knowledge through mathematical testing. (Landow, G. 2013)
According to the research process, quantitative data is useful since it allows researchers to analyse and measure data. Quantitative data’s disadvantage is, it does not study things in natural environments or the significant issues of things to different people, while qualitative data is more comprehensive and valuable to data due to their written information or witnesses. (Cheal, D. 2002)
Qualitative research is conducted
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