The Importance Of Qualitative Research

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The review of literature adequately supports the need for the study. The review of literature starts with the history from 1860’s in the Florence Nightingale era and continues to build upon the history until modern day time (Andersson, Willman, Sjöström-Strand, & Borglin, 2015). Furthermore, the review of literature builds the concept of caring and how previous research has been done do develop this concept related to caring. The researchers also discussed the evolution in nursing care related to the advances in medicine, technology, and time and financial constraints associated with providing quality nursing care. The review of literature built the problem statement by discussing the issues related to modern day nursing that has lead to basic care not being done (Andersson, Willman, Sjöström-Strand, & Borglin, 2015). The review of literature built the foundation for both the purpose of the study and research questions, additionally, both were explicitly state by the researcher in the body of the background. By the researcher building a solid foundation for the problem statement, purpose of the study, and the research question, it supported the need for the research being conducted to evaluate the nurses’ concept of caring and supports the validity of the study.
Qualitative Research Qualitative research is used typically uses a constructivist paradigm, which is evaluating how individuals interpret the constructs of their environment (Pilot & Beck, 2008). Qualitative
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