The Importance Of Quality And Development Of Children 's Brains

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Everything a child does or experiences during his/her earliest years is educational (“Quality Early Education”, 2005). Unfortunately, children’s experiences at this young age vary drastically, based on many factors, but especially socioeconomic status. So how do we even the playing field for our children as they grow beyond these earliest years and enter school? Although there is no magic answer to equally prepare all children for school, high-quality preschool programs have been proven to have an incredible impact on working towards this goal (Doggett & Wat, 2010). The Importance of Quality ECE Programs Research on the early development of children’s brains, as well as their overall development, provides evidence that children are greatly affected by their early experiences and surroundings. Not only do major experiences affect the structural and functional development of the brain, but so do simple day to day activities and experiences. These experiences can have both short-term and long-term consequences; affecting children’s intelligence, personality, and more (“Quality Early Education”, 2005). High-quality preschool experiences can become the foundation on which children build later learning and higher academic understanding. These experiences can teach children that not only can they be successful at learning, but that they can love learning (Lamy, 2013). According to research by Cynthia Lamy, successful starts in preschool lower the probability of grade
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