The Importance Of Race And Colorism In Literature

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Race can be defined as a social construct created for the purpose of classifying and separating people for economic and social reasons. Race has always played a part in the systems of the United States government and continues to be systematically integrated into the statutes of our society today, due to the ideologies and beliefs of previous ruling powers. The comics I have chosen to analyze utilize irony, exaggeration, labeling, to discuss race and colorism as they apply to government, class, and education in order to assist the illustrators in presenting their argument that people of color lack the European domestication and intelligence required to run a successful society. The first comic I have chosen to analyze, titled School Begins, depicts a traditional schoolhouse setting. The illustrator utilizes symbolism in his depiction of different nations and states as people, labeling them to provide a clearer explanation of what each individual represents. The author makes a point to exaggerate the skin color and features of people of color found in the comic. Uncle SAM symbolizes American rule and the nations under his rule are represented by children being taught by Uncle SAM. Those individuals representing the Philippines, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Native Americans, China, and African Americans are shown as having darker skin, exaggerated facial features, and non European clothing. The four nations sitting on the front bench, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the

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