The Importance Of Racism

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Racial relations in America have been stressed between all parties. Everyone has either felt racism towards them, seen it directed towards others, or felt guilt regarding their race. Because race is easily identifiable, it becomes a calling card that weaves its way into a person’s identification. I am biracial and have been able to interpret how my skin color seems different between people of varying races. Many white people have seemed surprised after hearing my voice because they assumed my race would accompany a different tone. I have been on the outskirts of both black and white groups. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963 before my father was born. Rosa Parks said, “No,” in 1955 before my grandmother…show more content…
Because religious institutions have historically benefitted from racism, this normalizes certain practices and allows whites to “protect themselves by inhibiting awareness” about racism towards their out-group (35). When considering the importance of race, it is necessary to understand how the black-white binary has impacted understanding of today’s race. Goto helps to open the view of race from such a narrowed and limited perspective. Many people think race should be openly discussed. Hazel Markus assumes race as a key component to social interactions as she attempts to search for a single theory to explain what race and ethnicity mean to humans. She calls on the psychological field to begin making conversations easier by defining the key terms. Markus says, “Both ethnicity and race are the result of the basic psychological process of creating and maintaining social distinctions” (654). The biggest questions people ask themselves regard their character. In high school and college “who am I?” revolves around an area of study and affiliations with organizations. “Who am I?” begins to easily become intertwined with “who are we?” as a person maintains relationships with friends, groups, and significant others. One of the easiest groups to affiliate one’s self with is a racial group. Race is easy to see and stereotype. Although multi-racial families and adoption are becoming more popular, it is still expected that both parents

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