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One bright Sunday morning, I remember hearing a robin chirp and wind swooshing through a ten feet tall tree branch. I saw my mother struggled with party supplies, as I sat on my rusty our-wheel wagon. Her hands sweaty, and her feet moved slowly each step she took towards the house. Her facial expression described the pain she was in. My father was not around to help her financially or emotionally. I was only five years old, but seeing my mother in pain broke my heart. I rushed over to help her with the supplies. The door squeaked when she opened it and she yelled, “You shouldn’t have to do this son, your father should be here, but he is a coward.”
I replied, “Mom, how is dad a coward?”
She carried me to the sofa.
She sat me down and said, “A man should never leave his family. I’m teaching you now, so you would understand the responsibilities of raising a family. If you ever decide to start a family, make sure you stick around to take care of them. Your father left us alone.”
My mother cried while speaking, but I was too young to understand.
My heart breaks every time I think about my fifth birthday. My father was a coward. He abandoned his family and his responsibilities. He left my mother with a huge task. It is hard for a single mother to raise a man, but she raised me right. My mother taught me to put priorities first. Due to my mother great parenting, I handle my responsibilities first, and everything else after.
I entered my senior year of high school at the age
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