The Importance Of Reading And Reading

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Reading is an activity we are constantly faced with from the moment we learn to do it basically, just like walking or sitting down. However, people learn to read in order to communicate, to express, and to project things that are hidden inside their own minds and they will not come out easily by just talking. One might need to think, deep enough, and find the words they were looking for. Afterward, it is up to the person to decide what to do with those words, of course, they want the words to be heard, but sometimes more is needed. It would be a waste of time if all that effort that was spent just for thinking ended up in a few words that will vanish in the air. Yes, maybe those words reached someone else’s heart and feelings, but more …show more content…

The reader soon makes connections between the characters he is introduced to, and people within his own life, by analyzing what is in the book, the reader begins to understand and assume what makes people around him different from him. Empathy is implemented into their brain. However, this is not a case that is expected to happen all the time. As a book will state in its plot, each person has a different background, and even the reader has a different background story, which makes each person unique in mostly every aspect of their life where they get the chance to add at least a minuscule amount of their personality in. When someone gets the opportunity to read a novel of literature, that person has enough room to interpret the plot, the characters, the actions that were taken, the causes, and the effects the way they prefer to. The analysis of a book is completely unique per person and it will never be the exact same from one to another. As a consequence, a book might not always change someone’s mind, it might be pointless for the reader, as much as it can be meaningful for other, this is one of the reasons why a book might not always be the antidote to an intolerant personality. Some people read and understands but the conflicts in their own life go beyond pages and letters, sometimes those conflicts are deeply attached to their persona and

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