The Importance Of Reading And Writing For Writing

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The Importance of Reading and Writing How important is reading and writing to you? Do you despise reading, and believe that reading, and writing is useless tasks that we do not need to learn? Literature is not math, it is extremely important to learn, even if you do not go into a field where English is required. We use reading and writing every day. In this essay I will explain why I believe that literature is important. I will give personal examples about why I think that reading and writing are important.
We have used written language from the beginning of time. Our ancestors from a long time ago left us written records, symbolism, and pictures to tell us a story about their lives. A lot of these languages I personally cannot read but they are just as important as our language is now. If they did not leave these records we probably would not be as successful of a country as we are today. Books are incredibly important. Without books we would be a lot less intelligent than we are. Books give us knowledge that we could not have gotten any other way. When I was little my great grandpa used to tell me stories about when he was a teenager. He died when I as still in elementary, and soon after he died I had forgotten most of his stories. When I would ask my mom to tell me grandpas stories she never would get the facts right. One day when I was looking through some old pictures I found a few pages form m grandpas journal. I read about how he used to train horses and about his
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