The Importance Of Reading And Writing On My Life

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Reading and writing are two of the most important tools in my life, because without them I would not have an education. They form the basis of a class; for example, completing a lab in chemistry would not be possible without following a written lab procedure. These two skills are taught at such a young age, and as education advances students must continue to strive to reach a higher level. I can remember in elementary school, we were always pushed to reach the next reading level once we had successfully mastered the one we were on. It was always a competition for my sister and I to be at a higher level, I usually won. Even though I was excelling in reading it was the complete opposite for writing. It is something that has never come easy…show more content…
Writing as a child will always bring back many memories thanks to my mom. Through the years of elementary school, I excelled in reading because of the comprehension I had and my love for books. We were always required to read a book, because we needed a certain amount of accelerated reading points each month. My favorite books were Junie B. Jones and Captain Underpants. I enjoyed reading during these years because it came natural to me and I admired the fictional aspects of books and the way they could make my mind run wild. The teachers I had I credit some of my success to because they helped me succeed in reading during elementary school. Learning how to first write, I believe, for kids is always fascinating, because it is something new to them. Starting out is simple, such as writing letters of the alphabet and slowly progressing into writing words, sentences, paragraphs, and whole papers. Even though I was a creative kid, through the years of elementary school it began to become tougher. I ran into obstacles when I was told to write a comic strip, a short story, and a paper about ourselves. Not being able to write what was coming to my mind in a manner that made sense frustrated me. Throughout elementary school I struggled with writing because I never figured out how to fix this problem. During these years I succeeded in reading and I would soon hope to in writing. Middle school was the start for the many challenging years yet to come. Extremely quickly, I
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