The Importance Of Reading In My Life

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I lost my mom when I was young so I didn’t have her there to read to me or teach me about things or buy me books. My father was and still is in the Army National Guard and was deployed for long periods of time when I was a child. It’s like there was a void in my life and literacy has always been a temporary fill. Growing up I had always been eager to learn more and know more about random topics. I was once so into soccer that I had only read stories about soccer players for an entire school year. Another year I was so intrigued by mummies that I would search through the school library for mummy books until I begged my aunt to get me a library card to the closest library around (1 hour away). It honestly felt like my birthday every time I got to go to the city Library and choose up to 4 books of my liking and take them home. Reading for me has always been an escape route. Unlike the other children, I would read during our recess time instead of playing games. I would take whatever book I was reading to the lunch table and continue reading when I finished eating. For some reason the teachers at my school didn’t accept this, they would make me keep my book in the classroom during lunch and recess and play tag and badminton instead. When I reached 7th and 8th grade and didn’t want to play immature games with little kids I would purposefully get into trouble so they’d take away my recess. That means I had to sit in the classroom while all the other kids were in the gym, I was
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