The Importance Of Reading Literacy

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What do you think of when reading literacy comes to mind? There’s probably many things you could think of but to myself literacy simply means the ability to read and write. Literacy can be different for everyone and it just depends on what kind of experience you’ve had in the past. My experiences have not been to good.
Throughout my childhood reading was something I never wanted to do. It involved sitting down and being quiet. Now those two things didn’t come together for me I couldn’t sit down for two seconds. When I started elementary school, and was made to read there were a couple books I did enjoy reading. I enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss and The Magic Tree House series. I really liked reading these books because of the illustrations and the reading was easy and the rhyming was fun. With the Magic Tree House series, I liked the excitement and mysteries. Although, I didn’t like reading by myself. I liked when the teacher or the high school helper would read to me. I felt like I could picture and comprehend what she was reading to me better. This issue has followed me all the way up through middle school.
When middle school came around I still struggled. I would’ve had to go to a quite empty classroom to focus on my reading. I also had an extra class called Reading Skills I took to help me as well. When I was at the young age I wondered why I couldn’t just be like my friends and read normally and just understand what I was reading. What I mean by this, is that I can read a
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