The Importance Of Reading Strategies In Mathematics

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The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics stated that “Because mathematics is so often conveyed in symbols, oral and written communication about mathematical ideas is not always recognized as an important part of mathematics education” (2000). Teachers must help students through the process of communication that includes reading skills such as text interpretation and vocabulary acquisition. The purpose of this literature review is to determine the types of effective reading strategies to implement within a middle school mathematics classroom. This research hopes to answer the following questions: 1.)What are current reading strategies used in the mathematics classroom? And 2.)How do reading strategies affect student achievement in math? Mathematics textbooks are often written above grade level and contain multiple types of text, graphics, and abstract symbols embedded within a complex page structure. Students often require assistance when navigating through essential information in the textbook. Research findings suggest that mathematics teachers rely on the use of what Barton, Heidema, & Jordan (2002) described as before, during, and after reading approaches. The before reading activities included activating student’s prior knowledge through either a content-driven task or previewing necessary skills and creating a plan for success. Strategies during reading included recognizing mathematical vocabulary. Students benefit from reflection activities after working out
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