The Importance Of Recess At Global Monarch Academy

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The Importance of Recess in Elementary School Remember when you were little and someone asked you what your favorite class was? If you were like me or any of my peers, without thinking about it your response was “Recess!” It was not that the other classes were not as enjoyable, it’s just that the freedom we got: socializing with friends, running around, and being as loud as we could without getting in trouble. Much has been made of the role of recess at Global Monarch Academy. Yet little has been said about the importance of recess, and why it is needed at Global Monarch Academy. Recess has traditionally been a regular practice in primary school settings, today it is being either reduced or eliminated all together in an effort to provide more instructional time. Research documents that recess affords many physical, cognitive, and social benefits for primary school children. These benefits have a positive effect on classroom behavior and achievement. In the current era of evidence-based practice, it is important to utilize empirical research when making decisions regarding educational policy. In primary schools, recess is a common practice during which children receive a break from the structured, academic parts of the day. Giving breaks is also a standard practice in the workforce, in an effort to increase productivity (Pellegrini, "The Benefits of Recess in Primary School"). During recess, children interact freely with one another in an unstructured manner. Children

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