The Importance Of Recess In School

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Think about it, when was the last time you asked a kindergartener what their favorite subject in school is and they didn’t answer recess? With increased standardized testing and rigid federal and state requirements, most elementary students are now spending more time in the classroom than outside playing. Most schools seem to think that recess is unimportant or a waste of time that is not needed in a child’s education. This is a very untrue statement, in fact recess is not only good for our health but it has also had positive effects on childrens’ everyday learning. Around the United States researchers, teachers, parents and children have begun to notice that recess and its effects that it has on children is essential in every child’s school…show more content…
They couldn’t think of time where they couldn’t go out and play on the blacktop or swing on the jungle gym or even hang with their friends. But the people running the school wouldn’t notice a difference. Even though school staff are trying to improve the amount of learning endured during the day, they are actually decreasing the quality of work by taking away recess. Most school officials are unaware of the importance of recess. Though the effects of recces on kindergarteners and first graders are not very significant, as they get older signs of change become more and more relevant whether its during testing or just paying attention during class. Teachers may notice the difference but they may not know the causes of this lack of focus. Speaking in support of more recess principal Angela Long said, “We find that we spend less time in the classroom redirecting off-task behavior. So, kids are going to take recess whether it’s in the class or outside so we just give it to them,”(Long). She is saying recess is essential to kids. It is like the sun rising and setting, it is inevitable, the sun has to set at some point and the children have to play at some point
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