The Importance Of Record Keeping, Note Taking, And Report Writing Essay

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Section 4 – Report Writing

In this section we will be examining the importance of record keeping, note taking, and report writing. Appropriate method of statement taking and legalities surrounding admissibility of such evidence in a court proceeding will be discussed.

Note Taking

It is essential that detailed notes are made of observations either at the time or immediately afterward to later assist in recalling information. Notes enable a Security guard to write a comprehensive and thorough report. I could also refresh the memory at a later date (at the time of report writing or testifying in court). Notes may often contain clues and information that prove to be important at a later time.

When a Security Guard requests permission in court to refer to his/her notes, the time that the notes were taken will almost always be questioned to establish credibility. Unless the notes were actually made at the time or immediately after the incident, the court will usually deny their examination. In the event that permission is granted and the notes have been produced, they become a part of the evidence. These notes then may be examined by any of the parties involved in the case. A security guards notebook should never be used for recording personal information.

The standard note book rules that should be abided by are as follows:

• The notebook should be a bound book with each page numbered.
• All entries should be made in a chronological order, either at the time of the
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