The Importance Of Reducing The Emissions That Are Emitted By And Go Into Building Buildings

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The article stats off with talking about the importance of reducing the emissions that are emitted by, and go into building buildings. The article explains the history of global warming, and the science behind the basics of climate change and warming. It stateZs how “humans have changed the chemistry of the atmosphere through the combustion of fossil fuels and living matter, bringing about the prospect of global alterations and shifts in the whole terrestrial climate system(Altomonte,2008,pg.97).” It is this reason that the world is experiencing climate change, and though the climate may have been naturally warming since the beginning of time, it was at a pace that was slow enough to species to migrate when they need to, and
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Climate change is expected to negatively affect the future of most developing countries, increasing the pressure on available resources that are associated with urbanisation and industrialisation(102). With these affects in mind, Altomonte explains the mitigation and adaptations strategies to mitigate the possible consequences of climate change. He highlights the issue of buildings, and how they highly contribute to the issue of direct fossil fuel emissions, and therefore it is necessary that buildings reduce their dependency on fossil fuels, curb their energy demands, exploit clean power sources and minimise their wastes(103). Suitable technologies must therefore be integrated into the design of current buildings to guarantee social, economic and environmental growth. Using new design strategies is necessary to create buildings that ensure comfort and health of the staff, as well as do not negatively impact the environment. To create such a building all fields of study must be included, inclduing physchology, climatology and engineering so that there is whole understanding of the necessary features for the building to reduce emissions and include necessary social, econmic and cultural values (106). Altomonte states how these conditions of a new climate, now seem unavoidable(99), but there is solutions to be made to
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