The Importance Of Reducing Unemployment Rates On The United States

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Brandon Phan Phan 1
Ms. Barrett
English 10-Period 5
20 November 2015
The Importance of Reducing Unemployment Rates With an unemployment rate of 5.8% and a population of about 326,079,646 people, there can be around 18,912,619 people that are unemployed in the United states(United States). There are many things that the United States government can do to reduce unemployment. Reducing the unemployment rate will allow for the economy to flourish by enabling people buy more products and invest in companies, which will boost the economy dramatically. In order to reduce the unemployment rate in the United States, the United States government could reduce the federal minimum wage to allow employers to hire more employees because of the money that they save, increase the number of long term construction jobs, and decrease the number of jobs that are outsourced to other countries. Some might argue that taking these actions could cause could cause poverty, increase death rates, and affect other country’s economies. Reducing the number of jobs outsourced to other countries will cause product and service costs to skyrocket because operating costs in America are a lot higher than in other countries like China. Most companies move simple jobs like production and customer service to China and other cheaper countries because they are a lot cheaper due to an overall lower
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