The Importance Of Reflection Within The Nursing Profession

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The fate and future of nursing are now more than ever dependent upon self-care, health promotion and self-generated coping and healing modalities. Working as a health care provider is more than just a job, it is a career. However, being a reflective nurse is extremely important, “Reflection is an essential attribute to the development of autonomous, critical and advanced practitioners” (Caldwell & Grobbel, 2013). It allows for nurses to reflect on the day’s practice, whether they treated the patients with the best possible care or whether improvements were required. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to show the significant importance of reflection within the nursing profession. Since I was a young child, I have wanted to pursue nursing as a career. Nursing is a blend of abstract and concrete thinking, giving the ability to assist individuals sick or well, in activities to health or recovery, from birth to death. Many factors came into consideration for choosing nursing as a career. However, a few main factors included the ability to help others, the ability to travel as a career and nursing runs in the family. The ability to help others is something that I am passionate about. When I have been in hospital myself, the care and support I was given by the nurses was excellent, and I would endeavour future patients to receive the same or better treatment and nurturing care that I received. Knowing that Australia is a leading quality healthcare provider, but I am keen to
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