The Importance Of Reframing

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We all are functioned in a way that we always expect the situations and the circumstances to be pleasant in our life. However, that does not happen in our real world, we are forced to face all kinds of people and the challenges that life throws at us. In reality the difficult behavior, people and circumstances help us to grow. Whenever we are confronted with the challenging people and environment as a human being we grow, we evolve and become better than before. The inappropriate talks, threatening behavior as well as verbal attacks are the main reason behind the improvements and betterment. Our behavior, reactions, and responses explain the person we are in the longer term. The approach that helps us to extend the perspective to the problem is the one that provides the aid in creating the required responses.
In the same way, I too have faced a lot of difficult situations in life. In the professional world, it has happened many at times that my idea was stolen by the other colleague and was hence presented in front of my superiors. Earlier my reactions were aggressive and argumentative. Since I was novice so didn’t know how to tackle these situations. I
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It creates an innovative tool towards problem solving. “ Framing refers to the way a conflict is described or a proposal is worded; reframing is the process of changing the way a thought is presented so that it maintains its fundamental meaning but is more likely to support resolution efforts.” Reframing helps in creating a win-win situation many times. A change in perspective or reframing helps in creating an easy communication and solution based ideas. A conflict situation may be solved easier with the little change in the perspectives or the ideas. It also helps us to become positive and reaching out to our goals in a much quieter way. Some responses include distraction, humor, and apology to understand the conflicting
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