The Importance Of Regular Exercise And Good Nutrition

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Introduction Regular exercise and good nutrition play an important role in your ability to sustain your complete health and quality of life. Consistent exercise and proper nutrition can help maintain Body Mass Index (BMI), it is effective in weight management, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular endurance and strength (enhanced physical performance) and mental stimulation and stability. There has been an increasing curiosity in how nutrition and physical activity can improve mental health thus resulting in higher academic achievements. There is a plethora of research available to show how brain function and learning can be benefitted through nutrition. There is also the belief that rationalising, concentration and consequently academic achievement can be obtained through higher levels of physical activity. Matric students are given the “privilege” of not being compelled into participating in physical activity. A large number of matric students chose not to participate in physical activity within school once given this “privilege”. Through the means of other research into nutrition and physical activity, this research task is based upon the endeavours to answer the subsequent: what role does nutrition play in students’ academic performance; what role does physical activity play in students’ academic performance; and what can be done to improve the nutrition and fitness of students? When nutrition and physical fitness are either
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