The Importance Of Relationship In Education

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I believe family engagement and student advocacy and access are dire for having a successful school year and having successful student outcomes. Building relationships with students and them having access to materials, learning goals, and necessary people throughout the building is a priority. Students do not learn from teacher they do not trust or respect, so making yourself accessible to students build the relationships they need to success in the classroom. My students and I have built very strong relationships through learning together, struggling together, and overcoming obstacles throughout the beginning of the school year. Although learning and reaching learning goals are the biggest priority, teaching students how to correctly handle situations and working on social emotional growth is important to incorporate into the classroom. Not only are teachers there to foster a deep love of knowledge and learning but to teach students how to be productive members of society. This means teaching to the whole child. An extremely important part of that whole is a child’s mental and emotional state. Not all students have these innate skills and must be taught to identify their emotions and learn to deal with them appropriately. This must be taught to teachers before they enter a classroom. A teacher will be much more successful if students are able to regulate and handle their own emotions. Access and advocacy are necessary elements in a successful teacher’s classroom because
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