The Importance Of Relationships In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Juliet separates emotionally and physically from her family, because of her obsession with new found, quick love that causes her to grow up just enough to outsmart her parents and achieve her own goals. Juliet becomes enamored by the idea of love very quickly. The idea of love consumes the young girl’s time and actions, “Love’s herald should be thoughts, which ten times faster glides than the sun’s beam” (2.5.4-5). Juliet waits impatiently for the news from the nurse about her love interest, while she paces the room talking to herself and groaning about the glory of love. The impatient Capulet complains about how love should be fast with its arrival, and how hers is not arriving fast enough. The young teenager focuses greatly on love and…show more content…
The young child does not like this advice at all, which causes her to completely leave behind a relationship she has been building for the last thirteen years. This whole ordeal causes the reader to see Juliet as a stubborn, selfish child. When Juliet disobeys her nurse, she separates herself from everyone, as the nurse acts as her connection and counselor. This leaves the young newlywed alone with no help or advisor, which allows her story to be a mystery to the majority of the public in Verona and the reader to think that Juliet cares very little about her family and relationships that do not involve her fiance. Juliet quickly distances herself from her life and close friends. Not only does the selfish girl abandon her nurse’s advice but completely ignores and disrespects her parents and society’s rules, “to bear a poison, I would temper it, that Romeo should, upon receipt thereof, soon sleep in…show more content…
Lady Capulet requests and plans a wedding for her daughter, Juliet, but she notices her daughter seems less than impressed or excited. Lady Capulet immediately pins this on Tybalt’s death; however, the reader knows the death of her cousin does not cause as much stress as the separation from her newlywed. The Capulet’s daughter quickly riddles her grief into an explanation that shows both her true emotions and misleads her mom. Juliet acts as a trickster in the way she blatantly disobeys and contradicts her mother. The trickster obviously cares very little about the rules and opinions of her mother, and her education and cleverness allows her to evade the subject and succeed in her plans with Friar Lawrence. After this conversation, the clever child quickly runs off to Friar Lawrence to devise a plan to avoid marrying Paris. In marrying before, sneaking around, and refusing an arranged marriage from her parents Juliet directly disobeys her parents and rules. The clever young child breaks the rules of courtship, allows a man to sneak into her room, directly disobeys her nurse and parents, and ignores every rule to achieve her goal. The rule breaker quickly makes decisions and ignores
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