The Importance Of Relationships In Shrek And Toy Story

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The animated motion pictures Toy Story and Shrek use an array of underlying messages and themes to provoke emotion within the observer. Mutually, Toy Story and Shrek use the same theme of friendship to promote the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with those individuals surrounding you. The technique of characterisation is used vigorously within each film, as it helps viewers to feel connected to the characters, and understand the underlying messages. Each film is used to present the importance of friendship; showcasing the effects that companionship can have on individuals. In the film Shrek, the protagonist Shrek is used to exude a hostile dismay toward companionship, and showcases the negative effects relationships can have on you. Shrek is compelled by his resentment and loneliness in life, and takes that out on…show more content…
Conversely, Toy Story uses the protagonist Woody to convey a mesmerising confidence. However, once he encounters somebody seemingly superior to him, he begins to resent ideas of friendship. He begins to compare many aspects of himself to others. Correspondingly, both films reward the protagonists’ with the value of friendship, each film’s characters are presented with a newfound appreciation for those around them. Both Shrek and Toy Story ultimately emphasize messages about friendship, and promote viewers to treat those in life with kindness and respect if we wish to be treated in the same manner. Both films convey the ways in which negativity and ferocity can impact relationships, and ultimately uses these demises to elucidate the way others react to your mannerisms. Because of this, both films are used to convey similar messages about the importance of friendship. Both animated films Shrek and Toy Story promote their underlying message about friendship by presenting acceptance and appreciation as the key to a healthy
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