The Importance Of Religion And Terms Of World Peace

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This work focuses on the importance of religion in terms of world peace. Both writers, Ven. Master Hsüan Hua and Ven. K. Sri Dhummanada give several reasons why world peace has yet to be achieved, as well as ways in which humankind can reach world peace. Both authors focus on the conflicts present in humankind and offer insight into ways to change that would allow humankind to reach world peace. Hua stated that Buddha, ultimately, wanted everyone to be happy, which is what these two are encouraging humans to strive for. Ven. Master Hsüan Hua began by saying that cause of conflict is a result of misunderstandings among people. People see themselves and their preferred religion as above other humans and other religions. Instead of accepting others, people simply think higher of themselves because they believe their religion is the “right” one. Although most religions have the belief that followers should accept others and be understanding, their actions contradict their beliefs. Hua goes on to say that even within a religious community, there are still people who see themselves above others within the same religious community. This mindset of humans consistently thinking they are better than others on every level, within a religious community and on a more general scale where followers of one religion believe they are better than followers of a different religion is the ultimate cause of conflict and prevents world peace. Buddha’s overall goal was to have all humans be
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