The Importance Of Religion In Education

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The United States of America has drastically grown in diversity of religion, culture and ethnicity over time. Religion is a part of many lives in the U.S. due to the wide variety of Christians, Muslims, Jews and many other religious groups, not to mention non-religious individuals. There has been much debate on whether the United States has been doing the right thing by keeping church and state separate rather than keeping them entwined as had been the standard for years prior to the country’s founding. The list of influences this law can affect is significant, ranging from the workplace to school functions. Even the way people decorate their houses and offices has come into question.
The United States of America represents the free will to participate in any religion of one’s choice or to not even participate in any religious activities. Individuals have the right to practice their religion without government involvement. The religious sector has no right to intrude or impose one religion on non-religious or other religious individuals (Traphagan). However, the controversy has arisen in the education sector regarding religion especially surrounding public schools beginning as early as the 19th century; affecting children from their morning announcements to how their classroom is setup. If religious groups want to have their own private or home school, the option is available. However, it should not conflict or deter funding from public school.
These clashes concerning
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