The Importance Of Religion In Public Schools

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All humans need strength, hope, and happiness. For many, religion gives them that. It gives them a peace of mind to hope for the future. And more than that, it gives them a ray of sunshine in the darkness.
Religion has been a debated topic for many years. History has shown how religion tends to bind people together, but pull them apart as well. This raises the important and debated question on whether religion should be incorporated in public schools or not. Many reason that religion in school can cause differentiation between students, while many say religion is too important in the course of history to drop out of. Thinking as students, does religion have an impact on their academic education? It has been debated on since the time of the Revolutionary War, with many voting to put it back or taking it out. Ultimately, the First Amendment had given restriction and permission on different views. For example, restricting teachers from giving preference on one religion over the other or giving permission on letting students pray at school. Despite religion being a major part of many peoples' lives, religion shouldn't be mixed with school because students may not be able to grasp the knowledge and schools may seem like they are favoring a religion and alienating others.
Many public schools have a student body that’s extremely diverse, with kids having different religions, cultures, and ethnicities. By practicing or incorporating religions at secular schools, students won’t be
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