The Importance Of Religion In Society

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Religion has a complicated role in the world’s history. However we understand religion in our lives, it’s undeniable that religion has functioned in both the brightest and darkest spots of history. This fact has always been the most interesting aspect of religion for me as we consider the role of religion in society. Another interesting aspect of religion is its complex relationship with science. Although these two aspects may seem disparate, they overlap in two very important conversations about society and the modern world: conflict and continuums. Because of this, religion’s powerful effect on actions and religion’s relationship to science are integral to understanding the past, present, and future of society. To begin, I’ll discuss why I believe religion’s oscillating effect on the world—from beautiful to horrifying—is the most interesting topic we have discussed. As much good as religion has produced, some of the darkest periods in history have also been influenced or justified by religion. This darker effect is perhaps best summarized in Richard Dawkins’ The Science of Religion when stating, “Devout people have died for their gods, killed for them, fasted for them, whipped blood from their backs, undertaken a lifetime of celibacy, sworn themselves to lonely silence for the sake of religion” (Dawkins 45). However, despite the negative effects religion has had on the world, it continues to be an integral part of countless lives, cultures, and ideologies. Of course,
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