The Importance Of Religion In The Canterbury Tales

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Geoffrey Chaucer is known as the “Father of English Poetry” because of his book The Canterbury Tales (Chaucer & Canterbury Tales Notes taken in Mr. Dye’s Advanced English 12 class). The Canterbury Tales comes from the Canterbury Pilgrimage, which was a significant part of Christian faith. Pilgrimages helped spread religion and help the pilgrims advance in their spiritually. The main difference between a pilgrimage and a vacation is that pilgrimages are uncomfortable in some way and pursue spiritual or religious growth. The Canterbury Cathedral was a Christian architecture in Kent, England, where pilgrims could gather and worship God. However, in 1067, a fire incinerated the cathedral and repaired later under Lanfranc’s supervision (Canterbury Cathedral). The Danes invaded and had set nearby cottages on fire, right outside of the Monastery (The Cathedral’s Great Fire). The embers went undetected, and by the time the villagers noticed something was wrong, the interior of the cathedral was in flames. However, in 1675, the Canterbury Cathedral was being rebuilt and took a total of 35 years to complete.
To begin, I am not a religious person. However, I do believe in spirituality. Therefore, I will begin my spiritual pilgrimage on the island of Shikoku, Japan. Kūkai, a Japanese Buddhist monk, hiked along the island of Shikoku and founded many of the temples (Shikoku Henro Trail). Through Kūkai, the pilgrimage established. The Shikoku Pilgrimage consists of eighty-eight temples and
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