The Importance Of Religion In The United States

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The same nation that was forged by foreigners who wanted liberation from tyranny, pursue religious freedom, and have an opportunity to be successful, is in a very disappointing situation. Politics has resulted in the division of unified people from the same nation countless times throughout history, which happens due to the fact that everyone believes in different things, however, some political subjects make us the judges of right and wrong, such as who is allowed in our country. Imagine living in an unstable country with your family that is under the rule of a tyrannical terrorist regime, bombs and gunshots are happening at your doorsteps and you want to escape and provide safety for your family. As a result, you leave the country and try to come to the “home of the free”, the United States, but upon your arrival, you are banned from entering because of your religion and you and your family are sent back. Muslims who follow the faith of Islam have been labeled as “terrorists” by so many news companies, government officials, and everyday citizens, however, that is what is called ignorance. A person should not be denied access into the States as a result of their religion unless they pose a legitimate threat, banning a group because of their religion can be deemed unconstitutional.
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