The Importance Of Religious Holiday Observances In Schools

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A religious holiday observance can be defined as: a worship service or ceremony of any kind, religious holiday exhibits/displays, the enactment of a religious drama, wearing religious items, and even the presentation of religious music and singing religious holiday hymns. Despite these guidelines and intentions of administration, sectarian holiday observances during Christmas and Easter still tend to take place in schools across the country. There can be multiple causes for this though. First of all, many teachers may not know or understand the court decisions and how to apply them within their classrooms. Clearly by these laws, you should not display religious symbols like the cross, however, few people are aware of the fact that courts are also concerned with the timing, context, and grade levels that are involved in these classroom programs. For example, if there is a grade wide holiday music production that has a Christmas hymn, they might get questions like “What song will be sung? Where will it take place? What is the purpose of this within the curriculum? And what effect will singing them have on the students as well as the audience?” As an educator I have not really thought about Christmas music as a whole in the classroom. I’m sure that a music teacher is more aware of it, but as a general teacher I wouldn’t have even thought about playing Christmas music in the classroom as being a controversial thing until now. That leads me into my next point that teachers may
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