The Importance Of Reports In Wells Fargo

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Week four covered the concepts that pertain to writing reports for business, within it was the careful planning of the report and managing the information that has been obtained, concluding with how to effectively carry out the action of writing the report out. Within these concepts it was proved that significant emphasis should not just be placed on the way in which business reports the information, but also the purpose, content, and what the information is conveying to the audience it is prepared for. The importance that surrounds these reports is due to the fact that they are utilized as a tool to make business decisions, determine areas of opportunity, and solve problems that can arise (Newman, 2015). Given the various ways in which reports are utilized as one might imagine the information obtained, content, and audience might vary. Yet interestingly, just because certain business reports have to exist due to corporate standards might not necessarily mean that additional reports should not nor that better reporting practice should not be implemented. Unfortunately, a company that might have found this out a bit too late is Wells Fargo. The very well-known banking establishment found itself in…show more content…
It is of the opinion that the position that Wells Fargo finds themselves in of unethical behavior did not need to be uncovered by a lengthy investigative report. Although there are variations of different reports that a business utilizes, they are intended to again help resolve problems and make decisions. It is of the belief that something is clearly not right about having motivator reports and utilizing these reports to instill fear in
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