The Importance Of Responsibility In The Modern Education System

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The modern education system effectively utilizes the persistently developing technologies in order to maintain firm communications with the students’ parents. Through automated messages, parents are regularly notified regarding school attendance, disciplinary action, and report card reminders, just to name a few. However, a couple generations earlier, the students maintained responsibility for notifying their parents regarding issues that could range from an out-of-school suspension to a statewide honor. The growing involvement of the school system in claiming responsibility for the students’ issues results in the decreasing responsibilities that the students have to bear. Such a turn of events can result in complications regarding the student’s overall development, both morally and socially. This constant connection between the school and the parent poses a detrimental yet potent threat to the student’s overall development. The establishment of such a connection leaves little to no responsibility for the student to claim, and considering the fact that school maintains a major role in the child’s early periods, the student is completely deprived from responsibility in his/her life. Claiming responsibility during one’s childhood builds certain necessary attributes and traits that contributes to the overall development of the individual, of which may include but is not limited to integrity, love and respect, and determined motivation. Such a deprivation results in weak

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