The Importance Of Retention And Improving Training Numbers Surfaced As Managers And Supervisors Provided Feedback

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Why an Intervention? Concerns about retention and improving training numbers surfaced as managers and supervisors provided feedback about challenges they faced in their ability to lead, communicate, and effectively impacting productivity prompted leaders to seek ways to resolve the causes. Organizations need a better implementation of learning procedures, which can enhance learning, allow people to share experiences, and reflect on important matter (Subjin, 2013). The findings of the leadership team and managers reflected on training new managers’ as well as their capacity to learn and adjust as managers in the workplace. Reason for New Curriculum Instructional change is necessary after discoveries about current learning practices and the…show more content…
According to Senge’s 2012 concept of learning, organizations normally focus on its position as philosophy of organizational learning, while constantly minimizing its sole claim to recognize leadership with learning. To remain competitive, organizations must ensure that their workforce continually learns and develop (Salas, Scott, Kraiger, and Smith-Jentsch, 2012). Much adult informal or individual learning occurs in a business environment deriving from a variety of training methods where the focus is a way of providing employees with the tools they need to perform better in the workplace (Kenner and Weineman, 2011). Individual learning comprises of procedures and curricula used to increase the competences of individual employees (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Education is described as the techniques, principles, and facts that are absorbed and understood by mentees (Ford, 2014). For example, in a retail environment, an employee may learn key features as it relates to selling a product or service to a customer. Subsequently, learning may result in selling of the product based on how much the employee retains. Eventually, the employee will embrace the knowledge and articulate them often in their job duties. The goal of this study also places focus on achieving effective results when measuring participants’ willingness to learn and method of delivery (instructor-led vs. mentor-based/peer-to-peer) affecting training outcomes. When trainers measure learning,

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