The Importance Of Rockwall County Helping Hands

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The public health organization that I have chosen to describe is Rockwall County Helping Hands. Rockwall County Helping Hands is the primary social service provider for the residents of Rockwall County and was founded in 1976 by Bob Reeves, pastor of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Rockwall. Rockwall County is located in North East Texas and has a population of approximately 88,000 residents. Some important milestones in the agency’s history are the opening of its own Health Center in 2000, instituting prenatal services for women who do not qualify for Medicaid and the establishment of a Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence (SAFE) clinic for victims of rape and sexual assault.
The mission and vision of the Rockwall Helping Hands organization is “to serve Rockwall County residents by alleviating financial crisis and providing a medical home to the underserved and socioeconomically disadvantaged. Rockwall Helping Hands strives to ensure that no resident of Rockwall County goes to bed hungry, without shelter, or is denied needed medical services due to the inability to pay” (Rockwall County Helping Hands, 2015). In addition to offering their services in English, bilingual services in Spanish are also available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and from ten to noon on Wednesdays.
In order to meet Rockwall Helping Hand’s mission and vision, the organization offers a variety of financial, temporary housing and health care services. Rockwall Helping Hand’s assistance and referral

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