The Importance Of Running A Small Sports Tournament

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Starting Small doesn't have to End Small Beginner, rookie, newbie, all words used to describe someone just starting out or doing something for the first time. But what if people only thought it was your first time? What if you could have experience before the real thing? Being in charge of anything can be difficult, but the challenge here is running a sports tournament on a low level but ultimately hoping to run a tournament on a bigger scale. In order to gain experience running tournaments and other sporting events to help start a platform for becoming a general manager of a sports team one day, finding helpful internships, studying other general managers ways of success and starting out with a small tournament or event can help boost confidence…show more content…
Over winter break there will be a futsal (indoor soccer) tournament at Northeastern Junior College. An easy way to quickly gain experience would be to talk to the people in charge and running the tournament to ask to help set up, coordinate and even run the tournament. By doing this, one can learn if they are really interesting in doing this for a living, gain experience and even learn and gain strength in traits you may have not know of or had already. By running a tournament you can gain confidence, people skills and even respect within a community by running a safe, efficient and fun tournament. While running a tournament or sporting event can be seen as a small task, it can be the beginning of something much bigger. Coordinating a small event like this can be the base for something bigger. There's opportunities all around to find ways to start a career. Internships could be the easiest way, as there are opportunities around every corner. But if you're trying to succeed and be great at what you do, researching more and taking suggestions from already accomplished people can be and even better tool. While there is so right answer, hands on can be benefited greatly, no matter how small it
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