The Importance Of Saving And Sharing The Heritage Of Our African Ancestors

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The importance of saving and sharing the heritage of our African ancestors is a focus we should all strive for. After the crossing over of the Middle Passage to the so called New World, it is thought that all heritage and culture was lost. W.E.B. DuBose agreed when he stated “cultural survival of Africans in the New World and discusses how their language, religion, and practices survived” (as cited in Belgrave and Allison, 2014, p. 139). We will look at how the African heritage was in fact not lost but how it sustains even across the waters. The Africans carried within them first landing first in the Bahamas then to the Americas a rich tradition. What traits of our African ancestors installed in each of us that is shared among African Americans and African Bahamians.
It is amazing the similarities of how the African were brought to the Bahamas and the Americans. When Christopher Columbus made land fall in the Bahamas on the island now named San Salvador, he found the land inhabited by what we call Arawak Indians that were thought to have arrived to the islands from South America, thinking that he had landed in India he called these people Indians. Likewise when Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas and found it inhabited by what he called Indians as well. Both these places were claim for Spain by Christopher Columbus. Equally both lands masses are written in the history books that they were discovered by the Spanish even though people were already there.
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