The Importance Of Saving And Sharing The Heritage Of Our African Ancestors

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The importance of saving and sharing the heritage of our African ancestors is a focus we should all strive for. After the crossing over of the Middle Passage to the so called New World, it is thought that all heritage and culture was lost. W.E.B. DuBose agreed when he stated “cultural survival of Africans in the New World and discusses how their language, religion, and practices survived” (as cited in Belgrave and Allison, 2014, p. 139). We will look at how the African heritage was in fact not lost but how it sustains even across the waters. The Africans carried within them first landing first in the Bahamas then to the Americas a rich tradition. What traits of our African ancestors installed in each of us that is shared among African…show more content…
Approximately around 1629 is the time the English to rule over the islands of the Bahamas, in 1783 the Europeans started bring African slaves to the Bahamas to set up plantations.
The people of the Islands of the Bahamas went through many changes from harboring confederate blockade runners during the American wars and being a hiding place for pirates. After over four hundred years of being under the rule of an oppressive power the Afro Bahamians thought it was time for them to rule themselves. In 1973 the Bahamas became an independent sovereign state from England which ushered in a changing of the guards from Euro English rule to African decedent’s Bahaman ruling.
Likewise the African American people went through a lot of changes from the civil war and the hardship and changes that it brought to the civil rights movement and the struggles that came with that movement in their efforts to gain equality in a country that said they did not have a right to the same, a country too that changed hands starting with the Spanish, French, Dutch, and the English and ending with their own independence fight.
With such parallel beginnings and changes with ownership of lands and humans and the language adaptations the afro-Bahamian and afro- American still held on to many of our African roots. With the abolishment of
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