The Importance Of School Experiences In High School

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Throughout my first year of high school, I participated in the Gull Lake High School Marching Band. This was something I looked forward to for the entirety of middle school, and finally being able to experience it myself was better than I could have imagined. It is a privilege to learn and play an instrument, especially from so many kind, experienced instructors that teach us students through band camp each year and summer practices at school. The sheer amount of physical and mental work marching band requires is enough to make any person wonder how 150 teenagers are able to handle it; however, the bond that is formed between band members is unlike any other I have experienced. The long competitions, tiring rehearsals, and difficult music and drill is beyond worth the incredible feeling of putting on the marching show and witnessing the impact it has on our community.
It is vital to have somebody in your life that supports your endeavors, beliefs, and who stands by you in times of hardship. Mr. Branden Burris, my high school band director, has proven to be an enormous impact on my life, and having him to lead our ensemble makes the entire marching band experience one I will cherish for many years to come.
I am a sophomore in high school, and my top priority outside of my academics is Marching Band. As mentioned above, the act of combining my love for music and marching drill is something I feel grateful to do. It is a great privilege to affect others’ lives by playing an
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