The Importance Of School Holidays In The United States

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The United States imposes a unique school year that is unlike any other nation. Terms are either divided into semesters or quarters with final grades at the end of each term. There are typically 180 school days spanning over nine months with winter and spring breaks as well as day off from school for national holidays such as Labor Day or Memorial Day. At the end of each school year, there is a three month summer with no school in session. It is commonly believed that summer vacation in the United States began as a result of farm children having to work during the summer months. However, early school systems instituted summer because the hot weather caused wealthy people to pull their children from school and vacation in the countryside. Since air conditioning is widely used today, there is little need for a long summer break. The United States’ education system needs to switch to a school year with a one month summer and several short breaks in order to maximize the success of students. Other countries around the world have developed school years that are different from the United States. In the United Kingdom, the school year is divided into a trimester system with fall, winter, and summer terms. There is a two week break after the fall and winter terms, and there are six weeks with no school after the summer term. The United Kingdom celebrates similar public holidays as in the United States, and their students attend school for about the same amount of time as our

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