The Importance Of School Schedules In Public School

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Schools today are focusing on improving their students’ academic performance. Each school district has their own calendar schedule which they believe is the best schedule for their students and community. There are a variety of school schedules including traditional public schools, year-round education, and four-day school weeks. School districts across America cannot compromise on an optimal schedule. Traditional public schools are located all around the United States. Public schools start at the end of August or early September and end their school year late May or early June. They then have a three-month long break for the summer months. According to the “Year-Round Education Program Guide,” published by the California Department of Education, using the traditional 180-day calendar and having the three-month long summer break will cause students to lose the knowledge gained throughout the year; however, Robin Lockett Carter argues in the article, “The Traditional School Calendar Can Continue to Work in the Future,” that no matter what the school schedule is, the retention of information for a child will be the same. Carter believes that “changing the school calendar to eliminate summer ‘learning loss’ will not solve the problem of students not learning to remember” (Carter). A student’s performance, according to Carter, relies on many factors including the quality of the teacher, support of parents, and who the students are as individuals. The California Department of

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