The Importance Of School Uniformity In Schools

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I chose the school uniform debate. People that are for school uniforms believe that by having uniformity in school that more students will be focused more on their studies than on what clothes they are wearing. In some areas that have a higher level of violence, people feel that school uniforms can make school a safer place to be. Supporters of school uniforms also feel that wearing uniforms help those in more poverty stricken areas by taking away the focus on clothing (, 2017). By wearing school uniforms, kids do not have to worry about how expensive their clothes are or if they are name brand. Supporters feel that when children are wearing school uniforms, many of the pressures kids face in school will not be there. Teachers, parents, and students that support mandatory uniforms feel that by wearing uniforms, all students are functioning on an equal level (Lumsden & Miller, 2002). People that oppose mandatory school uniforms feel that their first amendment rights would be violated if they are forced to wear uniforms (Denniston, 2014). Students view their clothing choices as a way of expressing themselves, and if uniforms are mandated, then their freedom of speech or expression would then be violated. I do support mandated school uniforms for a variety of reasons. Statistics have shown that a uniform code can improve the quality of educational progress, minimize economic jealousy, and improve schools that are declining due to violence (Wilder, 2015). While I
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