The Importance Of School Uniforms

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Everyone has different views on school uniforms. People feel as if they have to be on either side but are unsure why. One can agree it could be a positive thing or a negative thing or in between it depends on the parents and students. Uniforms are not for everyone but for some it’s perfect. Uniforms prevent inappropriate clothing, as far as unfitting logos or gang related colors or attire. Uniforms have been linked to better behavior in schools and in the prevention of distractions in class. However, uniforms violate the freedom of expression. Not all school districts require uniforms and students should have a say whether they would like to wear them or not. There is also the additional cost of the manufactures the school requires to wear…show more content…
Some kids struggle with finding a group of kids to associate with maybe because of what their clothing looks like. Uniforms crosses that out. It would help with preventing bulling on one part because everyone essentially is dressed the same. There would be no more who has the better shoes or style. “A study of over 1,000 Texas middle school students found that students in uniform reported significantly more positive perceptions of belonging in their school community than reported by students in the standard dress group." (, 2017).
However, how is a child going to learn that when everyone looks the same. What message is that sending across? “We are proposing that everyone can only get along if everyone conforms to the same standards” (Hoofnagle 2012). From a child’s primary years, they explore and start becoming more creative. Call it thinking outside the box. Nothing is perfect and giving children the idea that everyone looking the same causes good behavior how will they look at the rest of the world. Some parents believe changing the way a child dresses to uniforms will end bullying. False. Addressing the problem head on is how to stop bullying. Bullying doesn’t only come from how other students are dressed but varies from the type of bully. The way to stop this comes from the adults surrounding the child, whether it be a teacher or the parents themselves. Bringing the issue to the students’ attention instead of making excuses for his or her behavior.

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