The Importance Of School Uniforms

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Did you know that your child’s uniform is affecting their personality? This is something that not everyone really thinks about. We think about the benefits of this but we never really stop to think about the downside of uniforms. I am going to share with you some of the downsides that we do not really stop to think about. I do not blame you for not really thinking about it because we think that schools do what is best for the children but that is not always the case. Here’s the most shocking part to everything, school’s uniform requirements are affecting the children’s character. Children’s personal style helps build confidence and character. What happens when your child is a young adult going to a job interview and shows up in not matching clothes with low self-confidence? Well that is when reality strikes and you child doesn’t get the job because they were not confident in what they were doing. So, what other children will pick on you when you are young it is what makes you tough when you grow up. Also, personal style helps build character because that is who you are I hate to say it but what someone sees is usually their first impression of you. Do you want them to see someone who is a mess or someone who has their self together? I would respect and listen to the person who has there self together and is confident. Honestly, would you take someone that is a mess seriously? Being able to dress how you want growing up helps children find themselves. I say this because

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