The Importance Of School Uniforms

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What people wear is very important because it does only effect a person at an personal level, but it also has a strong impact on the surrounding individuals or the society at large. Even with such knowledge, there has been increased debate about whether wearing of uniforms only add up to authoritarianism at school and makes the learners feel dictated upon (Yeneyama 124) or it is useful and should be upheld. What learners and those opposed to uniforms probably do not know is that, school uniform increases discipline, heightens levels of learning and conforms the student to the school rules, which then improves performance. Again, school uniform acts as a means through which young people can be protected from gangs especially because some gang attires can easily be infused into the common dressing trends leading to insecurity of the learner (NBC n.p). In this discussion, the study looks into some of the articles that have been written over this subject and through these information, an understanding as to why school uniforms are important is thus unveiled. School uniforms help create a disciplined atmosphere that is necessary for success in academics (Brookshire 01, 02). Brookshire states that in this study it was realized that, “schools implemented uniforms in an attempt to reduce clothing costs for parents and to help curb social pressures.” (Brookshire 01) Meaning that, school uniforms bring forth more than just one advantage. As the uniforms help

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